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Mz Fawn’s American Domme World

Lady Fawn’s Naughty Servant Girl Punished by DP
After a dose of Lady Fawn’s Orgasmic Compound, Lady Fawn and Lady Clankington decide to do more than take turns punishing their naughty servent girl. They decide to work together to teach her a lesson in obeying her Mistress.
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Lady Fawn’s Naughty Servant Girl Punished by DP
After a dose of Lady Fawn’s Orgasmic Compound, Lady Fawn and Lady Clankington decide to do more than take turns punishing their naughty servent girl. They decide to work together to teach her a lesson in obeying her Mistress.

Mistress’s Rules and Punishments

Mistress came to my house unannounced one evening and I was immediately commanded to the basement. Mistress had me undress for her and had me bend over the table at the midpoint. Mistress tied each ankle to the sawhorses spreading me, then tied her balls on my body to the O-ring on the side of the table, ensuring movement would be excruciating. Mistress cuffed each wrist and tied then tightly to each end of the table stretching me. Mistress put her favorite thick collar on me and tied the ring on the collar to the ceiling rings. 

Mistresss walked around and enjoyed my weak struggles to adapt. Mistress pulled the chair over near my head and sat in front of me. She reached in her bag and slowly put on a leather glove and slapped my face very hard 10 times. “slave, you are not shaved and groomed….you will do that every day, not just when i command you to see me….do you understand……”. Mistress reached in her bag and took out a paddle, crop, whip, and cane and lay them on my back. 

"I am going shopping now….i want you to stay like this….you dont mind this painful position…….you live to suffer for ME and ME alone, dont you slave….you dont have to answer, i know your answer….but i will give you something to think about as i will be shopping and thinking of you suffering". Mistress then got the enema bag and filled it with her golden wine. Mistress hung it from the ceiling and placed the nozzle in my mouth. As Mistress caressed part of my body and enjoyed her handiwork and my predicament she sensually (and Mistress is a god and has a body to die for) cozied up tp my head and rubbed her luscious body around my face, then blindfolded me, and said "Now my slave, when i am shopping i want you to enjoy the nectar and finish it all. Also i want you to think of me shoppping, knowing i have no underwear on, panties or bra, and someone may get a peek. Just think how wet i will be thinking of you suffering for me…..and maybe think i may pick someone up and bring them back here to glaze both me and your face….and yes, we have some things to discuss when i get back." 

With that Mistress opened the shuttlecock on the enema bag and allowed her wine to flow to my mouth. Mistress walked away and shut off the lights. I heard the front door close and stayed and thought about Mistress and my predicament. How tight the ropes were and how uncomfortable the position, yet how wonderful her wine tastes and how she would be walking around the mall with no panties or bra…… 

After an hour or so i heard the door open and close and heard the footsteps of Mistress coming down stairs….. Mistress sat in the chair and checked the enema bag. “excellent job slave, i knew i could count on you….tell me now what you were thinking aboout while i was gone……” I told Mistress everything in detail as that is what she wanted, I could sense she was getting excited from watching me suffer with the position she put me in and hearing the deatils of what i was thinking about. Mistress removed the blindfold told me i performed well for her so i deserved a treat and slowly got undressed in front of me, just close enough to know it was for me and far enough to know i can look but not touch, then told me to open wide and spit in my mouth….Mistress left her boots on and sat in the chair….”Use that useless tongue and lick the soles of my boots clean, lick up all the dirt from the mall and the parking lot off those soles”. Mistress placed the sole of her boot in my face and watched me clean the soles of her boots… as i performed for her, she reached in her bag and got out a large massager/vibrator and clicked it on and began to run it over some of her more sensitive spots….”concentrate on your task slave, not on what i am doing……if you dont clean them spotless, you might be in the same position tomorrow when i stop back…understand”? 

After allowing me to clean her boots and she pleased herself for a while, Mistress congratulated me on a good job and sat up in her chair. “slave, you want my attentions and to remain as my property and favorite slave, i have some things you are to do: 

1) slave will wear his buttplug and harness every day. you will wear it to work, take a tube of lubricant, remove it at lunch time, relube it and wear it until dinner time, relube it and wear it until bed. The ONLY time during the day you are not to wear the plug is while sleeping. I want you trained to be permanently plugged all day and open that pussyass. i have several large strapons with your name on them that you will take at my whim and you will beg me for when i do not want you to have them. 

2) each monday, wednesday, and friday when you get home from work you are to dehumanize yourself by wearing the hood (and i want it tied tightly on you) and you are to wear the parachute. Each hour you will wear the 5 pound weight, then the 10, then the 10 and 5, then the 10 and 10, then all the weights. You are to make sure they are pendant at all times even while sitting down. I want my balls stretched permanently……i have plans for them. 

3) each tuesday and thursday you are to wear the humbler around the house. I want you in 5” heels as well. I want them on when you come home and again until you go to bed. You are to push yourself, slave. Make sure you stand straight and suffer. slave WILL be wearing these some day when i take him to a party and show him off. 

4) i want you to get some bright pink lipstick and nail polish. You will paint your toenails and keep them painted properly. Before each session with me you will use the lipstick to write SLUT on your chest. Bring the lipstick as well, you may be wearing it home or if i decide. 

5) you will send me an email every day of what you did (your instructions followed) and what you did that day, The title of the email will be slave and the date. you will tell me your day in detail and what you were thinking about during the day. 

6) i will leave an address on a piece of paper on the table, you will send 200 dollars to that address every Monday in a letter. This is your privilege tribute to your Mistress. You will print each days email from the above instruction and include it in the envelope. 

Now slave, something to be aware, there will be checks and inspections by me and other slaves and people i know. i may stop at work and check on your plugging. When anyone says a keyword to you, you will oblige them, at any time or place. I want you to be my slave, you will be trained to be my toilet, my painslut, my fucktoy, my whore….your face will be glazed when i want, you will be humiliated and suffer for me and be oncall for me 24/7…. 

Now enjoy the treats i provide you while i lean over and whip you. slave, be ready, i want you to dream and anticipate your next session here. you asked me a while ago to have a heavy corporal session……..well i am going to HURT you, slave……badly… are going to be beaten and abused in every way i see fit and you will wear those bruises proudly. you know i am strong and often take it easy on you, well you asked me for it, now you have earned some pain for me…and YOU WILL SUFFER SO WELL FOR ME wont you you little piece of shit slave…you may have opened a door that if i enjoy it, you may be severely beaten daily……..

Mz Fawn needs to take charge of her wild cuckolding cub, since he decided to fuck a female slave without permission! Milking this hot young slave several days seems to be the only answer to keeping his cock from jumping into every random pussy that comes into the dungeon!

Session with Mz Fawn, a Slave’s Experience

Session with Mz Fawn

As I drove to Mz Fawn’s house for my sessions my mind was racing. She had told me to clear my day she a big plans for me and I would be exhausted after she was through.

Upon arrival I walked to her door and rang the bell I could see her through the glass looking beautiful as always. We said our hello’s and she said go to the dungeon and get ready. I knew what she meant to get undressed and wait on my knees by her throne. I did as instructed and waited for my Goddess to come in.

Mistress entered and had a seat in front of me she did not speak she just pointed to her shoes. There was no need for words I bent down and kissed her shoes what an honor to worship the ground she walk on. She allowed me this honor for several minutes while she interrogated me if I had carried out her orders between sessions I had no choice but to tell the truth that I had not.

She gently reach down and lifted my chin to look me in the eyes and say how I had let her down, she then out of no where slapped hard across the face and said in a stern voice no one lets her down and get away with it.

She dragged me over to her cross and bound me facing the wall. She informed me that this would not be a fun session for her or me as I needed punishment for my failures and that she did not like to punish slaves as that punishment would be a very painful experience. She blindfold me I heard walk over to her rack of toys I could hear her walking back towards me I felt a chill go through my body I know I was not going to like what was coming.

She walked up beside me and whispered in my ear you I know you do not like the wooden paddle, correct slave? I nodded yes. I then felt the blow of the paddle, and it knocked the wind out of me I was told to count each and that if I lost count she was going to start over. Well, it is hard enough to take the paddle but to have to keep count was an added burden. I did well for the first nine and then missed count Mistress corrected me and told me to start counting at one again. She laid on 20 more somehow I got through the next 20 without missing up for a total of 30. I knew at that point it would be a long ride home, but she was far from being through with me.

I felt her hand on my nipples she gently teased them I thought maybe she felt I learned my lesson then I felt a pinching on my nipples and knew she had put the clamps on them. I heard her take several steps back and then felt the sting of her single tail she is an expert with the single tail. She can hit the flame of a candle with it without missing. She could tell by the color of my butt cheeks where was hurt the most and that is where she laid the tail I received a total of fifty with the tail. She would reach around and tug on the chain to the clamps. She ask me would I complete her assignment next time. I quickly replied yes Mistress she laughed and said we shall make sure of that.

I then felt her riding crop being applied to my butt. Mistress got mad at my pleas for mercy and put a ball gag in my mouth. She went back to using the crop on me for a total of 50 also. I could barely stand at that point she let me down and lead me to her bondage table and secured me to the table.

I felt relief to be off my feet Mistress keep pulling on the chain to the clamps. She stopped for a minute and then I heard the sound of the wand and then felt it being applied to my groin area I jumped as best as I could she had me bound tight. She used the wand on me entire body for about 10 minutes. She then yanked the nipple clamps off of me the rush of blood made me bit the ball gag as hard as I could.

Mistress released me and had me kneel at her feet again and told me how I had let her down that I was luck to be allowed in her stable and that she had a list of other sub to take my place and that if this happen again there would be no punishment session I would be released and sent on my way for good and told not to look back because I would have brought it on myself.

She then gave me a list to have done by next week session. I can tell you one thing I will not sleep until I complete my duties for Mz Fawn.

After leaving that day I had to drive to the nearest store to buy a pillow to sit on for the ride home. I cried on my drive not only do to the pain but because I had let her down.

I can not wait to report back to my Goddess 

Mz Fawn’s American Domme World

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